Winter Doll Making Workshop



Seasons of the Doll Workshops 2016

I am launching a series of four seasonal doll making workshops in 2016!

These workshops are for women who are seeking to connect with their inner wisdom and embody this in the form of a healing doll. Each workshop will work with the lessons of the season as it applies to the journey of the soul.

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Healing Doll Workshop-Professional Development for Art Therapists

At the first Creative Art Therapists (CAT CHAT) meeting for 2013 I had the opportunity to share my knowledge and skills in doll making with an enthusiastic group of eight art therapists.

The intention for our CAT CHAT was to create a doll that embodied a quality that each participant wanted to bring forth in their life or an issue that wanted healing.

After guided relaxation, visioning and journaling to formulate personal intention, simple doll making techniques were demonstrated. Participants were then encouraged to enter a spirit of open play with the materials provided.

The completed dolls (pictured) are a tribute to the extraordinary uniqueness of each participant and revealed sometimes surprising messages. Hopefully they will guide each creator as she embarks on the New Year.

Thanks to all participants!

If you are interested in participating in a doll workshop, please contact me at

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