Solstice Global Healing Day 2014

The Global Solstice Healing Day was a great success, with many different faiths and groups represented. The theme was “Healing the Family” which was a timely  reflection coming so shortly after the Lindt Cafe tragedy. What struck me most as we sat on this warm Summer afternoon, was hearing directly from the speakers how each spiritual faith holds dear the values of love and compassion for all of the human family, even those who have strayed far from the path of what it means to be a decent and good human being.It was a very healing moment in what had been a harrowing week. The language, the rituals , the cultural accouterments may differ but the heart essence remains the same
Channel 7 news were there and interviewed some of the speakers and recorded footage of the release of the doves as a symbol of universal peace.
See the link below.
Releasing the doves for peace
Read all about our celebration of the Summer Solstice here in Melbourne:

Deep Being

Creativity and inspiration can come when you least expect it! In moments of being fully and deeply present , and without an agenda,  the most surprising revelations can come. I’m finding this lately with meditation. It seems that deliberately letting go of mundane chatter and intrusive thoughts allows for something more creative to arise-an idea for a blog for example :).

Being  creative is about a way of life. By consciously allowing pockets of space around our frenetic activity,and  giving ourselves permission to stop and do nothing without feeling guilty we can open the gates to creativity.