Blinking In The Light

Well, spring is finally here after the coldest and dullest winter in Victoria for 40 years. Each sunny day seems a small miracle. The trees are growing leaves overnight and the pulse of life is palpable. Creatures are unwinding slowly from hibernation and blinking in the light. I can see why the spring equinox in times past was such a time of celebration. The night is past and the earth abundant again.

So, with a spirit full of hope and rejuvenation, I share my gratitude for the return of spring with you. An attitude of gratitude opens our hearts to the beauty of our life here and now. And it’s good for the serotonin and dopamine levels in our brain which are the chemicals that promote feelings of  happiness and well being. With repeated practice we can actually change the neuro circuitry of our brains and become happier people.

As a daily practice, I am choosing to think of 3 things for which I am grateful. We all have basic things to be grateful for starters– waking up alive, having a body that is continually working to maintain equilibrium, a friend that supports us in difficult times. Count them for yourself and see how abundant your life is!

Feel free to print this out and put it somewhere as a daily reminder to rejoice in what you have!

I am grateful today

A little bit of lovin’


Last week I received my 4 Artist trading Cards back from the Pocket Change exchange. So exciting to have a little bit of art, love and care from an artist in a different part of the world! Thank you Jocelyn, Sara, Mosha and Bailey for your art and affirmation. These timely messages of support and care really made my day a little more special.

This project reminds me of the old days when family members would  send photographs of themselves to one another as keepsakes. Now, thanks to the internet, the world is a bigger place for all of us. I like to think that through this project I’m connecting with members of my artist family. These tangible artistic affirmations  are something I will treasure.