Ancestor dolls

I’m creating a series of ancestor dolls to honour my female ancestors.

I’m using a template from Pamela Hastings, cut on card then collaged and embellished.

Below is my maternal grandmother. She was the youngest of 7 children and worked before her marriage in her father’s painting and decorating business. She had a love of the water and sunbathing. The family used to travel to Sandringham where they had a bathing box. The trip would take a whole day by horse and cart. You can see a picture of the old bathing boxes here.

I’ve given Nana a modest 20’s bathing suit and a hat to match. I always remember her with hat and gloves.

my maternal grandmother Bertha
my maternal grandmother Bertha

circles of feminine wisdom


Paper doll cut outs with personal messages on the back are a great way for women to share their wisdom with one another. I recently had all my guests at a birthday afternoon tea do this for me. For those who were unable to attend, I mailed out a doll for them to complete. When I have them back I will string the dolls together into a circle of Women’s Wisdom as a reminder of the support women provide for me in my life and the wisdom of the feminine. 

I used a template I found on line and scrap booking paper from Aldi to make these dolls.

seasons of the heart

With the coming of the warmer months here in the southern hemisphere, I am always filled with a sense of gratitude for the change in seasons. Mother Earth continues to seed, grow, bud, develop, flourish and die. Winter is not a complete annihilation or death. Summer is not endless heat.  And so it is within us as well. We cannot stay forever in the dark, as depression would have us think and feel. Nor can we burn our energy endlessly in extroverted pursuit of summer fun and frivolity. Everything has its season and by trusting in the outer cycles of growth and change we can begin to attune our inner world with them as well. Then we begin to feel more alive, more present and embodied in the natural order of  Gaia.

seasons of the heart