The space of the heart

Have you visited the space of your heart today? 

Been to the place of rest and stillness?

The temple, the garden, the sea?

Journeyed to the inner most galaxy of your being ,

returned refreshed and enlivened

and ready to share your abundance with the world?

For a moment or an eternity,

Find your heart centre

 and breathe

and let it take you in and in and in.

Deep Being

Creativity and inspiration can come when you least expect it! In moments of being fully and deeply present , and without an agenda,  the most surprising revelations can come. I’m finding this lately with meditation. It seems that deliberately letting go of mundane chatter and intrusive thoughts allows for something more creative to arise-an idea for a blog for example :).

Being  creative is about a way of life. By consciously allowing pockets of space around our frenetic activity,and  giving ourselves permission to stop and do nothing without feeling guilty we can open the gates to creativity.