Go gently

Feeling the gentle spring breeze and sparkly sun on my face today prompted this elemental doll. “Go gently and take the time to pause and breathe in deeply”, she says 🌾🌷.


needle felted elemental doll © Lisa Fam 2016

Seasons of the Doll Workshops 2016

I am launching a series of four seasonal doll making workshops in 2016!

These workshops are for women who are seeking to connect with their inner wisdom and embody this in the form of a healing doll. Each workshop will work with the lessons of the season as it applies to the journey of the soul.

For more information please go to www.lisafamseasonsofthedoll.wordpress.com

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Healing Doll (Rose)

ROSE (2015)

Rose embodies the capacity that all women have for healing within themselves.

I created Rose for a friend who has recently had a hysterectomy. I asked my friend for her favourite healing colours and symbols. She chose pink, green the heart and flowers. Coincidentally these symbols are often associated with the feminine.

After such major surgery,  it is a time to be very gentle and nurturing with oneself  as the body and mind recover and the inner psychic and physical transition is made from fertility (the Mother) to menopause (the Maga).

I chose rose quartz (for the feminine, and unconditional love) to place inside the womb of the doll. The sacral area  is surrounded and filled with the healing colours of soft pink and gold in a heart shape, reminding my friend of the healing energy she can bring to this chakra, the seat of creative energies. Finally I made Rose a  Dharmachakra, for protection and guidance.

Rose (2015) – needle felted doll

Wool and  silk merino tops, embroidery thread, beads, flower, ribbon

16 x 10cm

circles of feminine wisdom


Paper doll cut outs with personal messages on the back are a great way for women to share their wisdom with one another. I recently had all my guests at a birthday afternoon tea do this for me. For those who were unable to attend, I mailed out a doll for them to complete. When I have them back I will string the dolls together into a circle of Women’s Wisdom as a reminder of the support women provide for me in my life and the wisdom of the feminine. 

I used a template I found on line and scrap booking paper from Aldi to make these dolls.

a little less worry

I created these knitted worry dolls for a friend’s children using their favourite colors.  Traditionally the child tells the doll any worries they may have before they go to sleep. The doll is then placed under the pillow and takes the worries away during the night, allowing a peaceful night’s rest. Small rituals like this could help a child let go of unproductive or obsessive thinking. The adult equivalent might be to visualize all one’s worries returning to a pigeon hole which is then closed for the night.

Healing Doll Workshop-Professional Development for Art Therapists

At the first Creative Art Therapists (CAT CHAT) meeting for 2013 I had the opportunity to share my knowledge and skills in doll making with an enthusiastic group of eight art therapists.

The intention for our CAT CHAT was to create a doll that embodied a quality that each participant wanted to bring forth in their life or an issue that wanted healing.

After guided relaxation, visioning and journaling to formulate personal intention, simple doll making techniques were demonstrated. Participants were then encouraged to enter a spirit of open play with the materials provided.

The completed dolls (pictured) are a tribute to the extraordinary uniqueness of each participant and revealed sometimes surprising messages. Hopefully they will guide each creator as she embarks on the New Year.

Thanks to all participants!

If you are interested in participating in a doll workshop, please contact me at


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Healing Dolls

I created this healing icon doll for a dear relative who is currently struggling with debilitating fatigue. I asked her for her favourite colours and symbols and used some of the ribbons that she had previously gifted me.

The doll reminds me of a forming butterfly and carries the hope of transformation in the journey with illness.  For me, she embodies grace and serenity.

The name Caleah came, and I didn’t even know it was a “real” name until I googled it and found that it means “brave warrior”. Totally apt, because the courage required to live day after day with such extreme fatigue is indeed that of a warrior.

However, the battle is not with outer enemies or even with the illness. Rather, I feel it is about accepting  and learning to live with oneself as one is. In this sense the “battle” is with the ego that doesn’t like dropping the “doing” and all the goals it “should” be working towards in order to prove it has lived a life. Stripped back to just “being” one can find grace, serenity and compassion in surrender to the present moment. The posssibilty of healing and transformation can then arise.