Listen In

I drew the symbol of the spiral in my journal this morning as a reminder to listen more to myself and less to the voices of others…to tune inwards.

Somewhere along the line I was taught to focus on the needs and words of others. Maybe that’s the way we are conditioned as young girls. Over the years, this has meant filling my head with the stories, admonitions, and opinions of other people, squeezing out my own voice and losing trust in my own wisdom.

There is a time for seeking knowledge and learning, but it must be balanced with attention to inner knowing. This can be cultivated through meditation, painting or drawing, intentional solitude, ritual, journal writing or any of the contemplative arts.

Shortly before my journal writing I took a walk to the beach and I found this one spiral in the sand amongst all the footprints. Not till some hours later did I realize the synchronicity! Listening in, the universe reflects back “You are on the right track”.