The Art of Play


I recently took my 4 year old niece to ArtPlay, a City of Melbourne initiative that provides a space for artists, performers and writers to develop arts based programs for young children and their families to enjoy.

My niece enjoyed the installation Colourbox, which aimed to teach children about light and colour. The only things provided in this space were rolls of coloured tape, scissors, punch stamps, paper and magazines. It is surprising what you can do with simple materials. We cut lengths of tape and stuck them on the wall and floor, adding to the already vibrant mural of designs by the young artists who preceded us. Normally young children are discouraged for making marks on walls, but here there was a liberating sense of anything goes!

We made a castle and a colourful snake as well and she enjoyed seeing her shadow cast on the large screen that changed colour.

Afterwards we had lunch on the banks of the Yarra, ice cream and posed with the vibrant Chinese New year animals.



The Plight of Asylum

Lost at Sea, 2013
acrylic and paper on canvas 30 x 60 cm

Lost at Sea


1423 and counting…

lives, souls, hopes and dreams



lost at sea

I see,

I grieve


~thelittleyellowbirdsings 2013

This piece was exhibited at Visions In Substance:Everyone has a Story to Tell exhibition at Brightspace Gallery in November 2013.

To hear an interview with me on the purpose of the exhibition, click here.

Thanks to Port Phillip Housing,  and MGS Architects for creating this opportunity for resident artists.