Healing Bay Spirit

More and more of my creative energy is focussed on doll and spirit figure making these days, so it was with delight that I recently had the opportunity to submit a doll to an exhibition organised by the  Planetary Healing Artists Association of Australia Inc.  at Gasworks Arts Park.

The group exhibition titled Healing the Bay, aimed to inspire concern for the health of Port Phillip Bay by raising awareness of the pressures impacting the bay, celebrate the beauty and cultural significance of the water and provide reflections on what might need to to be done to heal or preserve this environment.

The doll I created called “Healing Bay Spirit” was inspired by a tree on the foreshore of my local beach where I walk each morning. The tree is heavily bent and weathered with a enigmatic posture expressing both agony and ecstasy. I feel she is  witness to the degradation of her beautiful bay, but also sees the joy it brings to so many.

Healing Bay Spirit dances prayerfully. She is both old and wise, young and playful. Her prayer is that all who inhabit  our bay and environment will care enough to look deeply and listen intently, and will be inspired to give with respect and nurturance.

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Dance of the Feminine

I know



life and death

integrating light and dark

two faces of the same energy

youthful, pregnant tribal dancer


connection to spirit

connection to earth

a natural mirror

a new way

of blood harvest


light and dark

flaming haloed

I have to dance.