Seasons Of The Soul

I wrote this article for the first issue of Maker’s Magazine which was published late last year. This issue explores the relationship between human creativity and Mother Nature, and my article in particular looks at the theme of surrendering. I hope you will read it and enjoy!

Thanks to Maker’s Magazine for their inspirational first issue and for allowing me the opportunity to put my writing forth to a wider audience. It just goes to show that if you believe something is worth saying and continue to do the work, honing your message, somebody, somewhere is listening, and may even share the same feeling as you do!


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Please click on this link to read:

Seasons of the Soul by Lisa Fam


A first on all counts

Lisa Fam

This great new magazine celebrating makers, artists and writers from around the world is being printed as we speak and I am lucky enough to have my first article  published within its pages!

The first edition is themed Mother Nature, and looks at the many ways nature inspires us as artists and makers. I have written about the theme of Shedding /letting go, and how this manifests in our lives.

It is a small print run of 350 copies at USD $20 plus postage. Orders can be made here during December.

Thanks to Sam and her team for the inspiration, encouragement and providing us with an opportunity to share our work with a wider audience.



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