The Art of Play


I recently took my 4 year old niece to ArtPlay, a City of Melbourne initiative that provides a space for artists, performers and writers to develop arts based programs for young children and their families to enjoy.

My niece enjoyed the installation Colourbox, which aimed to teach children about light and colour. The only things provided in this space were rolls of coloured tape, scissors, punch stamps, paper and magazines. It is surprising what you can do with simple materials. We cut lengths of tape and stuck them on the wall and floor, adding to the already vibrant mural of designs by the young artists who preceded us. Normally young children are discouraged for making marks on walls, but here there was a liberating sense of anything goes!

We made a castle and a colourful snake as well and she enjoyed seeing her shadow cast on the large screen that changed colour.

Afterwards we had lunch on the banks of the Yarra, ice cream and posed with the vibrant Chinese New year animals.



Glorious Minds Tribute Exhibition June 2011–Invitations to Exhibit

Lumina Gallery in Melbourne is hosting a tribute exhibition to celebrate the glorious efforts of families and children who are living with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), depression and anxiety. The Glorious Minds exhibition will have the theme “Wings of Freedom”,¬†featuring tributes¬†which will hang on a Tree of Love. Money raised from the sale of tributes will go to the ADHD Coalition of Victoria.

For more info email Suzanne at