A little bit of lovin’


Last week I received my 4 Artist trading Cards back from the Pocket Change exchange. So exciting to have a little bit of art, love and care from an artist in a different part of the world! Thank you Jocelyn, Sara, Mosha and Bailey for your art and affirmation. These timely messages of support and care really made my day a little more special.

This project reminds me of the old days when family members would  send photographs of themselves to one another as keepsakes. Now, thanks to the internet, the world is a bigger place for all of us. I like to think that through this project I’m connecting with members of my artist family. These tangible artistic affirmations  are something I will treasure.  




setting the wheels in motion


2013 is here and the creative juices are flowing. I’m starting with a couple of fairly structured but inspirational activities.  Creativity begets creativity…

1. Pocket Change: creating change through making something small ~A 6 Degrees of Creativity Artist Trading Card Exchange. You can see some of my cards above.


2. Happiness Journal~ Bought three lovely blank journals. My favourite with a frangipani cover is to be the place where I write inspiring messages from the books I am reading, from facebook, magazines etc. The idea is for it to be a kind of refuge when the spiral of negativity and poor-me-dom takes hold. We all need a place to rest our mind and create those new patterns of thinking and behaving!