The rising sun – Solstice Global Healing in Melbourne

It’s on this weekend…hope you can make it!

Lalita's Letters

Once again we are journeying towards the Summer Solstice and you are invited to this year’s event coordinated by the Planetary Healing Artist’s Association of Australia. 

A great opportunity to meet and celebrate this wonderful time of the year–sun, sea, community, and the spirit of peace and hope for the global collective.ALL WELCOME!!

GHD 2014 A4 poster #11

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Open Studio 2012–a sacred place and space to nurture the creative self

Expressions of interest now being taken for 2012

The Open Studio is a sacred and

creative space to

 *paint    * write    *sculpt   *meditate   *laugh  *play  *share

and discover meaning, healing and

wisdom for your life through

connecting to your creative source

No previous artistic experience required!

Where: The Grove Wholistic Centre for Spirituality, East Brunswick, Melbourne

When: Monthly from Feb 2012

More info:

Email Lisa at

Glorious Minds Tribute Exhibition June 2011–Invitations to Exhibit

Lumina Gallery in Melbourne is hosting a tribute exhibition to celebrate the glorious efforts of families and children who are living with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), depression and anxiety. The Glorious Minds exhibition will have the theme “Wings of Freedom”, featuring tributes which will hang on a Tree of Love. Money raised from the sale of tributes will go to the ADHD Coalition of Victoria.

For more info email Suzanne at

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog Lalita’s Letters! In it I hope to share my musings on three of my passions in life– art, nature and how we heal. 

The blog is  named after the Hindu Goddess Lalita, the Goddess of Bliss or “She Who Plays”. Play here refers to the creation and sustenance of the Universe. She is the Goddess who dances with reality in all its manifestations and with spontaneity. This is a place to dance with all that is.