I am Art- and this is me”.

I recently had the good fortune to exhibit a couple of pieces in the PPHA Artist Collective’s exhibition entitled “I am Art- and this is me”. The Collective consists of a diverse group, with talent in painting, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, photography, and writing. Some of us are emerging artists, others are professional or hobbyists but we all have the inner fire that drives us to make and create and to share our vision with the world.

The exhibition was held in a newly renovated space “The Laneway Artspace” in St Kilda run by the inimitable Geoffrey Williams and was the 3rd exhibition by the group.

Below is the doll/sculpture I created called “Wig-Womb of Creativity”. In this doll I celebrate the culmination of the past 7 years of opening to and honouring feminine wisdom in my life.  Through my creative and inner journey, I have come to a point where I am now able to show up in the world, share my wisdom and learning with other women and help them to find their inner power through my Seasons of the Doll work.

Wig-Womb holds within her womb the seed/egg of future creativity, which seems to indicate that the cycle is never finished. Each end point is the beginning of another. This too is feminine wisdom. Her mind is balanced (yin -yang) and although she has no limbs, I feel her to be present and grounded. She is connected to joy and vitality through the rainbow of light and witnessing the way the elements intermingle to create beautiful visions. I birthed her easily!

Thank you to Geoffrey, PPHA and the Artist Collective for their encouragement, support and friendship.

It was a great experience and let’s do it again in 2017!

Wig Womb of Creativity copyright 2016
Detail of felted and stitched womb




The Art of Play


I recently took my 4 year old niece to ArtPlay, a City of Melbourne initiative that provides a space for artists, performers and writers to develop arts based programs for young children and their families to enjoy.

My niece enjoyed the installation Colourbox, which aimed to teach children about light and colour. The only things provided in this space were rolls of coloured tape, scissors, punch stamps, paper and magazines. It is surprising what you can do with simple materials. We cut lengths of tape and stuck them on the wall and floor, adding to the already vibrant mural of designs by the young artists who preceded us. Normally young children are discouraged for making marks on walls, but here there was a liberating sense of anything goes!

We made a castle and a colourful snake as well and she enjoyed seeing her shadow cast on the large screen that changed colour.

Afterwards we had lunch on the banks of the Yarra, ice cream and posed with the vibrant Chinese New year animals.


holding potential

I’m in the process of preparing to bring some work to the world,and I need a companion to guide and journey with me. Perhaps she is a talisman of sorts.

Lisa Fam

A work, or should I say “play”in progress…this little being wants to come in to the world with a potential1-IMG_2659

eucalyptus twig, wool roving,  needle felted

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The rising sun – Solstice Global Healing in Melbourne

It’s on this weekend…hope you can make it!

Lalita's Letters

Once again we are journeying towards the Summer Solstice and you are invited to this year’s event coordinated by the Planetary Healing Artist’s Association of Australia. 

A great opportunity to meet and celebrate this wonderful time of the year–sun, sea, community, and the spirit of peace and hope for the global collective.ALL WELCOME!!

GHD 2014 A4 poster #11

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Open Studio 2012–a sacred place and space to nurture the creative self

Expressions of interest now being taken for 2012

The Open Studio is a sacred and

creative space to

 *paint    * write    *sculpt   *meditate   *laugh  *play  *share

and discover meaning, healing and

wisdom for your life through

connecting to your creative source

No previous artistic experience required!

Where: The Grove Wholistic Centre for Spirituality, East Brunswick, Melbourne

When: Monthly from Feb 2012

More info:

Email Lisa at pinklotus23@gmail.com


Glorious Minds Tribute Exhibition June 2011–Invitations to Exhibit

Lumina Gallery in Melbourne is hosting a tribute exhibition to celebrate the glorious efforts of families and children who are living with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), depression and anxiety. The Glorious Minds exhibition will have the theme “Wings of Freedom”, featuring tributes which will hang on a Tree of Love. Money raised from the sale of tributes will go to the ADHD Coalition of Victoria.

For more info email Suzanne at lumina@textiles.com.au