Spring into Summer with a healing doll workshop



Go gently

Feeling the gentle spring breeze and sparkly sun on my face today prompted this elemental doll. “Go gently and take the time to pause and breathe in deeply”, she says 🌾🌷.


needle felted elemental doll © Lisa Fam 2016

Healing Doll (Rose)

ROSE (2015)

Rose embodies the capacity that all women have for healing within themselves.

I created Rose for a friend who has recently had a hysterectomy. I asked my friend for her favourite healing colours and symbols. She chose pink, green the heart and flowers. Coincidentally these symbols are often associated with the feminine.

After such major surgery,  it is a time to be very gentle and nurturing with oneself  as the body and mind recover and the inner psychic and physical transition is made from fertility (the Mother) to menopause (the Maga).

I chose rose quartz (for the feminine, and unconditional love) to place inside the womb of the doll. The sacral area  is surrounded and filled with the healing colours of soft pink and gold in a heart shape, reminding my friend of the healing energy she can bring to this chakra, the seat of creative energies. Finally I made Rose a  Dharmachakra, for protection and guidance.

Rose (2015) – needle felted doll

Wool and  silk merino tops, embroidery thread, beads, flower, ribbon

16 x 10cm

the creative life

I’ve finally reached the point where I am ready to commit to living a creative life and finding the time for “making stuff”. If you want to be good at what you do, you have to do it. At last I’m listening to my own good advice! I have set aside two days a week for creative projects. This year I hope to share more of my own creative work with the world. I hope you will join me!

all images copyright Lalita’sLetters 2015

The old fascination is new again

I bought this 1976 copy of “Russian Peasant Design Motifs for Needleworkers and Craftsmen” by Vladimir Stasov a few years back from a Lakeside bookshop in a country town, where I used to live. The town had Swiss Italian heritage, and it would seem a touch of Russian as well.

The motifs are from Stasov’s “Russian Folk Ornament” (1872) Part 1 which contained a compendium of folk designs from embroidery, lace and weaving. The idea was to have the designs stimulate contemporary artists of the day in their art making. There are birds, chariots, horses, women in peasant skirts and flowers galore. In their original form they were often  rendered in the happy colour red.

You can see examples here on the Russian Fashion Blog.

For me, as a textile and doll artist in Australia, I find the designs compelling—simple, but powerful in their line and composition. Stasov was right even 130 years ago.