Autumnal Shedding

I was away for a couple of days this week. I went bush. Everywhere I looked there were signs of nature’s shedding.. …Seedpods from acacia trees, gum nuts from the eucalyptus and delicate cicada cases perching on grass fronds.The warm glow of the afternoon sun on the small maple tree and  the slowing pace of the natural world encouraged me to reflect on where I found myself at this point in my life.

What had come to fruit and been harvested now the busyness and activity of summer had waned? What did I need to release or shed in order to be living the vision I had for my life? No quick and easy answers.

These are things I will contemplate as we move deeper into the colder months. I will turn inward and begin to write, draw, make more in order to receive the messages I need to hear. Then I will slow-cook and nourish them over winter ready for the next cycle of growth in spring.

So here I offer you an affirmation for this time of transformation and release.

Please feel free to print it out and place it somewhere where you will see it and be reminded of what is important in this season of  life.



Go gently

Feeling the gentle spring breeze and sparkly sun on my face today prompted this elemental doll. “Go gently and take the time to pause and breathe in deeply”, she says 🌾🌷.


needle felted elemental doll © Lisa Fam 2016

A first on all counts

Lisa Fam

This great new magazine celebrating makers, artists and writers from around the world is being printed as we speak and I am lucky enough to have my first article  published within its pages!

The first edition is themed Mother Nature, and looks at the many ways nature inspires us as artists and makers. I have written about the theme of Shedding /letting go, and how this manifests in our lives.

It is a small print run of 350 copies at USD $20 plus postage. Orders can be made here during December.

Thanks to Sam and her team for the inspiration, encouragement and providing us with an opportunity to share our work with a wider audience.



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