I am Art- and this is me”.

I recently had the good fortune to exhibit a couple of pieces in the PPHA Artist Collective’s exhibition entitled “I am Art- and this is me”. The Collective consists of a diverse group, with talent in painting, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, photography, and writing. Some of us are emerging artists, others are professional or hobbyists but we all have the inner fire that drives us to make and create and to share our vision with the world.

The exhibition was held in a newly renovated space “The Laneway Artspace” in St Kilda run by the inimitable Geoffrey Williams and was the 3rd exhibition by the group.

Below is the doll/sculpture I created called “Wig-Womb of Creativity”. In this doll I celebrate the culmination of the past 7 years of opening to and honouring feminine wisdom in my life.  Through my creative and inner journey, I have come to a point where I am now able to show up in the world, share my wisdom and learning with other women and help them to find their inner power through my Seasons of the Doll work.

Wig-Womb holds within her womb the seed/egg of future creativity, which seems to indicate that the cycle is never finished. Each end point is the beginning of another. This too is feminine wisdom. Her mind is balanced (yin -yang) and although she has no limbs, I feel her to be present and grounded. She is connected to joy and vitality through the rainbow of light and witnessing the way the elements intermingle to create beautiful visions. I birthed her easily!

Thank you to Geoffrey, PPHA and the Artist Collective for their encouragement, support and friendship.

It was a great experience and let’s do it again in 2017!

Wig Womb of Creativity copyright 2016
Detail of felted and stitched womb



Seasons of the Doll Workshops 2016

I am launching a series of four seasonal doll making workshops in 2016!

These workshops are for women who are seeking to connect with their inner wisdom and embody this in the form of a healing doll. Each workshop will work with the lessons of the season as it applies to the journey of the soul.

For more information please go to www.lisafamseasonsofthedoll.wordpress.com

seasons of the dollhealing doll workshops.jpg

Healing Doll (Rose)

ROSE (2015)

Rose embodies the capacity that all women have for healing within themselves.

I created Rose for a friend who has recently had a hysterectomy. I asked my friend for her favourite healing colours and symbols. She chose pink, green the heart and flowers. Coincidentally these symbols are often associated with the feminine.

After such major surgery,  it is a time to be very gentle and nurturing with oneself  as the body and mind recover and the inner psychic and physical transition is made from fertility (the Mother) to menopause (the Maga).

I chose rose quartz (for the feminine, and unconditional love) to place inside the womb of the doll. The sacral area  is surrounded and filled with the healing colours of soft pink and gold in a heart shape, reminding my friend of the healing energy she can bring to this chakra, the seat of creative energies. Finally I made Rose a  Dharmachakra, for protection and guidance.

Rose (2015) – needle felted doll

Wool and  silk merino tops, embroidery thread, beads, flower, ribbon

16 x 10cm

Ancestor dolls

I’m creating a series of ancestor dolls to honour my female ancestors.

I’m using a template from Pamela Hastings, cut on card then collaged and embellished.

Below is my maternal grandmother. She was the youngest of 7 children and worked before her marriage in her father’s painting and decorating business. She had a love of the water and sunbathing. The family used to travel to Sandringham where they had a bathing box. The trip would take a whole day by horse and cart. You can see a picture of the old bathing boxes here.

I’ve given Nana a modest 20’s bathing suit and a hat to match. I always remember her with hat and gloves.

my maternal grandmother Bertha
my maternal grandmother Bertha

Gyuto monks in Dromana

The Gyuto monks of Tibet dropped by outer Melbourne recently with their Summer program of activities, talks, meditations and Jab Khru healing ceremonies.

We were blessed with a beautiful sand mandala of Guhyasamaja pictured here. The mandala took around 5 days to complete and was dissolved minutes after finished. Certainly no clinging to their meticulous artwork by these monks. All attendees were given a small bag of sand to tip into a nearby waterway, beach or river to bless the creatures residing there.