Solstice Global Healing

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast year I facilitated a Solstice Global Healing Art workshop for the Planetary Healing Artists Association of Australia. Members and invited guests came together for an afternoon of art making. Together we explored what it feels like to belong in the world, and then expressed this in a giant mandala.

Although many of the participants were unknown to each other and were from different religious and cultural backgrounds, the process of working together to complete a beautiful piece of art engendered a respect for diversity and promoted cooperation and team work.

As we reflected on what we had created we became aware of the similarity in the symbols we each used (the sun, hearts, nature, birds) and the feeling of balance and unity in the finished mandala.

The theme for the Solstice was “Healing the Family” and indeed all participants left feeling inspired, peaceful and connected to others.

You can watch a short video of the process here.

With thanks to Steve Yarr form ArrowsVision and the Planetary Healing Artists Association.


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