A Recipe for Play


Recipe: Cultivating a playful spirit


  1. Take a bad dream and ferment it into a bad mood. Allow the mood to colour your outlook  (nup, nothing good about today!).
  2. Walk with eyes downcast and don’t allow the bright sky in. But those sneaky cheerful angels are out to find you. They plant stuff on the concrete. Today, a plastic, impossibly cute purple dolphin. Okay, pick it up and my mood lifts slightly.
  3. Keep walking. Eyes still down cast.
  4. Five minutes on…  whaaat??? an impossibly happy blue smiley face sticker. I never see this kind of stuff on my good days! Yes, but then I’m not usually looking at the foot path!
  5. What’s the message in this? Can’t deny I feel a bit happier, a bit more connected to the world and it’s mysterious ways of communicating with us.
  6. Cook it by making a little affirmation tag to remind me that the universe plays and to lighten up a bit.
  7. Let it cool and then hang it somewhere eye catching.

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