Gary Solomon talks about his upcoming exhibition

Last month I went by invitation to meet my friend Gary Solomon at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery where he is currently artist- in -residence. We played around with some of the old bits of wood he had brought along to work with. We ended up making a mandala just for fun.

Gary talks about how he creates his unique sculptures:

Some are industrial moulds which were used in industry over a 100 years ago. I love old pieces of wood and the character that emerges over time. My method is to simply put a white drop sheet down on the ground and then place all the different pieces of wood on it and to simply play with them. Often a combination appeals to me and I lay them out and step back and consider it. For some reason certain pieces of wood work in conjunction with others and a sculpture can be formed from the simplest of combinations.

Question (me): Figures feature prominently in your sculptures and paintings. What inspires them?

(GS): I am inspired by tribal art, art of antiquity and children’s art and all use the figure as a means of expression.

This is your first residency after working many years in your home studio. How has working in this communal space affected your creative process?

This residency has challenged me to extend myself and to take some risks. Having a deadline has really motivated me to work really hard towards the exhibition on March 6.

Your advice to creatives on how to keep the creative juices flowing?

If you keep being passionate about art and do something creative each day then often exciting things happen. 

Why is art making important to you?

Art making is important to me as it is something that I love doing. It’s what I am passionate about in life and I love developing as an artist. It is something that I hope to keep doing all my life.

Finish this sentence:  “Every day I ………………………”

Every day I say affirmations to myself that have personal meaning for me.

Gary Solomon’s exhibition opens at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery Friday 6th March 2015 6-9pm, 117 Vere St Abbotsford, 3067.

The exhibition runs from Wednesday 4th March till Sunday 15th March. Opening hours are 10am-5pm

There will be an Open Studio Barbecue where you can meet all the artists in this Summer residency  Saturday 7th Feb  2-5pm.

More details at Yarra Sculpture Gallery phone 94196177



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