La Lumina

For the last 5 years I have been taking part in an online Medicine doll course with Barb Kobe of the USA. What a process of growth and transformation ensued as I sought to find ways to “reclaim my power”!  In shamanic societies loss of power is called “soul loss” and regaining these parts is called “soul retrieval”. By bringing lost parts of our selves home we can again embody our fullness and wholeness.

This doll making course enabled me to explore ways in which I’d given power away by conforming to others expectations,  disregarding my intuition, and allowing self judgments and criticism to dictate my self worth  just to name a few.

My final doll, the Inner Healer brings all that I have learned in this journey together. I called her “La Lumina” which means “The Carrier of Light”. She stands as a reminder of the inner wisdom and the gifts that I  have  available to me.

Below is a little of her message:

” I am welcoming your child back to her home, the place of the heart. She is
always a part of the universe, born of the celestial bodies, the moon, sky and
stars. She is part of the lineage of female ancestors-the craftswomen, home
creators and nurturers.

I am here to remind you of your Inner Flame that always burns within you and the spiral of expansion and contraction that creates flow and life itself.

Here in my Medicine bag I hold the gifts of this process”.

I would like to thank Barb for her facilitation of a remarkable journey and to all my doll sisters for their healing presence. It has been such a gift to share and learn in this way.

If you are interested in participating a course or would like a Healing Doll made for yourself, friend or relative please email me on the contact page.


3 Replies to “La Lumina”

  1. Hi Lisa I love what you are doing with the dolls. Is there any person in the uk who does this kind of thing? I would love to do a course with you if/when I am in Oz. What do you charge for your courses? All sounds really well with you. Love Barbara x

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    1. Hi Barbara,
      Thanks! Lovely to hear from you. If you are interested in doing an online course, I would highly recommend Barb’s Medicine doll course which you can find out about here If you email Barb she may be able to tell you if there is anyone in the UK teaching at present.
      If you’d like to do an in- person course which would be a shorter version of the experience Barb offers I can certainly work something out when you are over here. I’m still in the process of getting a format up and running. I’ll email you when I have more details.
      I’m doing well thanks, and hope you are too!
      Love, Lisa

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