seasons of the heart

With the coming of the warmer months here in the southern hemisphere, I am always filled with a sense of gratitude for the change in seasons. Mother Earth continues to seed, grow, bud, develop, flourish and die. Winter is not a complete annihilation or death. Summer is not endless heat.  And so it is within us as well. We cannot stay forever in the dark, as depression would have us think and feel. Nor can we burn our energy endlessly in extroverted pursuit of summer fun and frivolity. Everything has its season and by trusting in the outer cycles of growth and change we can begin to attune our inner world with them as well. Then we begin to feel more alive, more present and embodied in the natural order of  Gaia.

seasons of the heart


2 Replies to “seasons of the heart”

  1. Lisa, I love the images on the dolls and their heart centers. Here, we are going into fall then inevitably winter. I enjoy all the seasons for their own blessings and their own gifts. Fall is a very busy time for me then it turns to winter which is a fallow time and such a blessing of rest. Enjoy your summer!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Line and for your comment. Yes, each season has its gifts, I agree. Enjoy your busy fall! Ps I love your etsy store ❤

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