Healing Dolls

I created this healing icon doll for a dear relative who is currently struggling with debilitating fatigue. I asked her for her favourite colours and symbols and used some of the ribbons that she had previously gifted me.

The doll reminds me of a forming butterfly and carries the hope of transformation in the journey with illness.  For me, she embodies grace and serenity.

The name Caleah came, and I didn’t even know it was a “real” name until I googled it and found that it means “brave warrior”. Totally apt, because the courage required to live day after day with such extreme fatigue is indeed that of a warrior.

However, the battle is not with outer enemies or even with the illness. Rather, I feel it is about accepting  and learning to live with oneself as one is. In this sense the “battle” is with the ego that doesn’t like dropping the “doing” and all the goals it “should” be working towards in order to prove it has lived a life. Stripped back to just “being” one can find grace, serenity and compassion in surrender to the present moment. The posssibilty of healing and transformation can then arise.


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