From the womb of the mother

I love to collect all manner of things from my local beach. I have a dish full of “angel wings” (my name for those broken wing-shaped pieces of shell), shells, wood, feathers, polished glass, washed up crockery bits and stone.

I’ve also found too many plastic bags and drink bottles, but that’s another story.

I am particularly enamoured at the moment with stones that have holes in them. I found out recently that these so called “holey stones” (obvious huh?)  have been considered sacred to Mother Earth, are highly protective and symbolic of the womb.

" Holey stone will help you access the riches of your unconscious mind, to free up creativity and act from the heart." (Teresa Moorey, "Your Crystal Code")

I love the way that nature provides us with messages and affirmation of our path, if we choose to open ourselves to communicate and connect in this way. I gain strength from knowing that this stone has meaning for me  and is symbolic of my attempts to birth myself in a new way in the world.

I believe that many of us and our communities are attempting to give birth to new ways of being and doing as we confront the challenges of climate change and undemocratic governance, just to name a few. 

Are we willing to hold a vision of something fresh, inspiring and healing as we labour through the pain and upheaval of change?

Through the mother!





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