What is original medicine?

According to Angeles Arrien, many indigenous societies believe we all possess “original medicine”. This medicine is our personal power-it is what makes us truly unique amongst the 6 billion people that inhabit this planet. If we compare ourselves constantly with others, seeing ourselves as less than others then we are said not to believe we have original medicine. Bringing our power into the world in our unique way allows us to bring healing to the earth.

In this day and age of constant media overload and visual noise we are presented with myriad ways that we are “not right”. If we don’t look a certain way, have certain things, go to certain places, we may question whether our lives stand for anything of value.

What is your unique gift, and how do you honour it? Do you spend time consciously cultivating it and sharing it with those around you? What do others, whom you trust and care for,  believe are your strengths? Are you willing to hear what they say? Are you willing to believe in yourself?

I’d love your thoughts!


3 Replies to “What is original medicine?”

  1. Great question — “how do you honor your medicine?” In many ways, I feel I’ve just begun to understand what my medicine is . . . and this came with trusting myself enough to really follow my heart. It’s a full and faith-filled journey to be sure. Would love to hear more about your experience with this.

    1. Hi Anne, thanks for your response! I agree, that self trust and following the heart are really important ways to discover and honour original medicine. For me, that has been quite a journey! I have had to begin to let go of the unquestioned ideas about who I think I am and what I should be doing. As I learn to be less judgemental about myself, I become more accepting of others and their unique contributions.

  2. Another piece of this is taking time to open myself to my spirit guides, listening to their teachings and incorporating what I hear and know into my life in a good way. I held my first women’s circle last evening and was grateful for the opportunity to step out in this way. The evening before, I had an owl messenger come to my window with a teaching for me. I wrote a bit about this in my recent blog post.

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