Hello world!

Welcome to my blog Lalita’s Letters! In it I hope to share my musings on three of my passions in life– art, nature and how we heal. 

The blog is  named after the Hindu Goddess Lalita, the Goddess of Bliss or “She Who Plays”. Play here refers to the creation and sustenance of the Universe. She is the Goddess who dances with reality in all its manifestations and with spontaneity. This is a place to dance with all that is.


4 Replies to “Hello world!”

    1. Hi Barbara, Thanks for dropping by and checking it out. Basically this is a place where I share my thoughts on all manner of things to do with art, healing, creativity and nature. You don’t need to do anything. Each time I write a new post you will receive it via email to read and respond if you like. That’s it. I do all the work 🙂

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